Friday, March 7, 2008

Cascone's Grill

Diner eats, lickety split.

First, we were going to get pizza. Then maybe barbecue. But by the time I got out of my last minute Friday morning meeting, we had only enough time to make it to Cascone’s Grill. Last minute Friday morning meetings, you are the archnemesis of Friday lunch.

Down in the City Market, there’s something Seinfeldy about Cascone’s. While we were looking over the menu, lunch friends Justin and Sarah swore by the Big Sam, so Shaw and I decided to check it out for ourselves. It’s a breakfast sandwich that comes piled high with all the usual a.m. suspects -- sausage, eggs and cheese. And instead of hash browns on the side, they throw those right on the sandwich, too. The most important meal of the day between two slices of Italian bread, like a daybreak version of the Fat Darrell.

Note: Somebody in KC really needs to start making Fat Darrells.

We also ordered Vita’s Special, which is Italian steak covered with cheese and red sauce on top of pasta. Much like chicken fried steak, I have no concept of exactly what Italian steak is. All I know is that it’s lightly fried, crispy and I dig it so don’t ruin this for me. Big time comfort food.

Just like that, we were heading back to the office. In and out in 30 minutes. Good food although maybe not a destination lunch spot -- especially when you can get a #33 at Hien Vuong so nearby -- but today Cascone’s Grill got the job done.

Pow! Ka-thwok! Take that, last minute Friday morning meeting!
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