Friday, March 28, 2008


Classic and rockin' -- what Journey's Greatest Hits must taste like.

When Leigh suggested to me and Shaw that we go get burgers at LC’s, he got this crazy look in his eyes. At first, we figured it was because he’s Tanzanian, but we made plans to go anyway. That trip was sadly thwarted by a last minute Friday morning meeting, so we took a rain check for the week following. However, when we came back to work on Monday, Leigh told us he couldn’t wait any longer and had gone to LC’s over the weekend. Taking a deep breath, he said, ”Maybe I’ll be ready to go back in a month, mate.” Again, Tanzanian.

The crazy eyes returned a couple of days ago -- clearly, this was the Friday when the LC’s trip would happen. And sweet fancy Moses, they make a good burger. I ordered a double, and it was nice and crispy on the edges, loaded with melty cheese and grilled onions. They’re gut bombs in the finest sense, all greasy goodness. Wells got the Big Cheese, which involves three patties. Just looking at it nearly put me in a burger coma.

Bonus points to LC’s for my chocolate Coke. If I was on an Afterschool Special from the late '70s/early '80s, I'd totally drive my Trans Am here to hang out in the parking lot and rock some Journey.

We so understand why Leigh had to take some time to recover. It's possible that LC’s might serve up a better burger than the Flea Market, which for us is straight-up sacrilege, but we’ll have to wait until we’ve had a few weeks and can go back for round two to make that call.
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