Friday, May 23, 2014

Chef (A Lunch Blog Movie Review)

The most smoking hot pork action you’ll see in a movie all summer. 

Chef is the story of a dad, his son and a food truck. When the credits roll, you’ll find yourself craving a Cubano.

Writer/director Jon Favreau stars as Chef Carl Casper, a Food & Wine Best New Chef winner whose talent has been going to waste in the kitchen of a trendy restaurant for the past 10 years. After inadvertently starting a Twitter feud with local food critic Charles Ferruzza Ramsey Michel (Oliver Platt), Carl gets fed up and quits.

His plan after that? Get a run-down food truck from his ex-wife’s ex-husband, clean it up, name it El Jefe and travel cross-country making sandwiches with his son. Like you do. Robert Downey Jr. plays Marvin the ex-husband, who is secretly Tony Stark undercover. (This is never stated outright as such, but come on. Also, I’d love to see how Iron Man would trick out a food truck.) 

Monday, May 19, 2014

2014 Chef's Classic Knock OUT 'Bout

Eight chefs take on the savory science.

It’s a tough job judging the Chef’s Classic Knock OUT ‘Bout. You must be prepared to gorge yourself on 16 appetizers, and then still be ready for the incredible responsibility of deciding the ultimate victor in the chef vs. chef head-to-head final battle.

Or so we thought. It actually turns out we’re not required to eat any of the appetizers in the first two rounds, since it’s the audience vote that counts in determining who advances. But what were we going to do? Not eat some small bites from eight of Kansas City’s finest chefs?

That’s not how we roll at Lunch Blog. Here’s a rundown of everything we tasted on the road to the main event.