Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Quick Bite: Pub Nachos at Barrel 31

Who wants their nachos Irish?

Why does whiskey bar Barrel 31 put tomatoes and scallions on their pub nachos? Because otherwise this would simply be a pile of everything that’s good about the world — and such a thing may be too beautiful to exist.

The pub nachos are an artful arrangement of house-made kettle chips* topped with fondue, bourbon brat crumbles, bacon, jalapeno sour cream and blue cheese. In fact, there’s enough blue cheese that you won’t even have to stab your tablemates to get your fair share. (What, just us?)

The chips are cut thick to hold their crunch even as we scooped up every last bit of the fondue. There was also some jalapeno sour cream left at the bottom, but we weren’t as into that due to it tasting pretty much like regular sour cream. We sure do like the idea, though.

Of course, this isn’t nachos, per se. It’s a plate of chips. And if Barrel 31 thinks we’re smashed enough to let it slide if they load ‘em up with two kinds of pork — well, they’re absolutely right.

*A note on kettle chips — they’re pretty in right now. But what we really want are house-made Funyuns. Somebody hook us up.

Rating: 4 sporks out of 5
Pub nachos are $8.50, or $6 during happy hour.
400 East 31st Street | Kansas City, MO 64108