Wednesday, July 28, 2010

QuikTrip's Cheeseburger Rollers

What we’d give to spend a day at the Roller Grill Laboratory.

Back in February when Shaw and I gave our take on QT’s Buffalo Chicken Bites, I predicted that the next QT rolling food would be stickburgers.

Ladies and gents, announcing QuikTrip’s latest -- Cheeseburger Rollers (2 for $2, or $1.19 each).

Soon as we saw them, we couldn’t wait to give them a try -- especially once we noticed all the grease the Cheeseburger Rollers were caking onto the grill. That’s how you know a burger is good.

We each put a Cheeseburger Roller on a bun and started loading them up with condiments. Ketchup, mustard and onions from a packet for me.

Flecked with cheese inside, Cheeseburger Rollers taste like a cross between a hamburger and brown-and-serve breakfast sausages. They’re “burgery.” Like if you’d never had a burger before and someone was to describe a burger to you, this is how you might think a burger would taste.

Hot dog buns aren't really the ideal Cheeseburger Rollers handling device, either -- too bready. While a hot dog has the snap of its casing to pronounce itself from the bun, the Cheeseburger Roller just gets lost in there.

Cheeseburger Rollers are a valiant effort, if not a thoroughly successful one in our opinion. Still, we here at Lunch Blog admire QuikTrip’s tenacity, and would like to offer up these suggestions for QT’s next rolling creation:

  • Tso Kebabs
  • Gyrollers (or perhaps, Shawarma Fingers)
  • Chicken Fried Steak Dipsticks with Gravy
  • Philly Cheesesteak Rollninis
  • Barbecue Logs
  • Meatball Oblongers
Also, there’s got to be a way to adapt Cheesy Blasters to the roller grill. And how has QuikTrip not yet brought back Frankenfurters? Or am I the only person that remembers those? Frankenfurters were hollow hot dogs filled with chili that you could get at the grocery store, and I think the last time I saw them was in the ‘80s.

What would you like to see added to the QT Roller Grill Wonderland?

Update 7/29/20: Who remembers Frankenfurters? Chimpotle does -- and he remembered they were actually called Frank 'N Stuff, too. Here's a commercial.


  1. Another addition I'd suggest would be the Reub-roller. Requires the creation of packeted sauerkraut, which should be doable by makers of the already existing relish-packet.

  2. I believe they were called Frank'N'Stuffs, and that chili was a molton flow of pain.

  3. Thanks, Chimpotle -- that's exactly what they were called!

  4. Ick. I didn't know these existed and now I'll never eat one. Thanks for the super funny descriptions however.

  5. Actually, I think your Gyrollers (Shwarma Fingers) idea is inspired! What is it but a small version of the big cylinder they carve slices from in Mediterranean joints?

  6. Here's my vision for the Gyrollers & Shawarma Fingers: they're spiced lamb logs, with the Gyroller flecked with tzatziki and the Shawarma Fingers flecked with tahini. Top to your liking with packets of onions and tomatoes. Served on pita that is specially shaped to fit in the QT bun cases.

  7. ok what about Taco Flavored Burger Rollers

  8. The cheeseburger rollers just don't have much flavor to them. I'd rather have a jalapeno cheddar sausage, instead. And now they've added Country Sausage to their options.

  9. Country dogs rule. Qt country dog stuffed with jalepenos

  10. I think the name is simply too long. I propose


    Just take a look and think about it.

  11. When are they bringing cheeseburger griller back?

  12. just start carrying the rest of the product line -