Wednesday, March 5, 2008

B-Dubs: Parmesan Garlic Wings

For every one of these you eat, you are obligated to have two Blazin'.

Creamy wings? My first thought was sacrilege. Shame on you, Buffalo Wild Wings. But finally my curiosity about the Parmesan Garlic wings got the best of me, so at Guys’ Night we ordered five of them, enough for each of us to try one. Except Casey, who abstained as a conscientious objector.

The wings looked as if they’d been glazed ala Krispy Kreme doughnuts, freckled with questionable specks of green. I took a bite, and my suspicions were instantly confirmed. These were bad news. It’s not like they tasted gross -- the sauce would probably make an alright spedini. On wings, though, it did not work. For one thing, wings shouldn’t make you think you’d like a side of pasta. Everybody knows the perfect side for wings is more wings.

Yet here’s what it really comes down to -- and this is a personal plea from me to you, B-Dubs. You’ve started down a slippery slope with Parmesan Garlic. Some flavors are simply not meant to exist within the hallowed halls of the wing menagerie. And you have a responsibility to help keep watch over the gates.

Mark my words, if you ever introduce an artichoke-spinach wing, I’ll have no choice but to boycott.
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  1. Its True!! Its a garbage sauce. Italian dressing on steroids.

  2. I cant believe I bought a whole bottle of this crap!!!