Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Taco Bell Fiery Doritos Locos Taco

The heat is on for the DLT threequel.

As much as we love Taco Bell, it pains us to admit we were rather ambivalent to hear about the new Fiery Doritos Locos Taco ($1.39).

For one thing, we’ve never had the Flamas Doritos we’re told the shell of this taco is based on. Neither one of your Lunch Bloggers have bought Doritos with any regularity since college, and back then there were only two kinds -- regular Nacho Cheese and the girl flavor, Cool Ranch.

Plus, we’re skeptical about any fast food menu items that claim to be spicy, because they never are. We haven’t even mentioned yet this is the third Doritos Locos Taco the 'Bell has come up with, and threequels always blow.

Thus, we were excited to discover the dusting on the Fiery DLT’s fierce red shell gives it a pleasant heat. There’s also a hint of lime, although we may have only tasted that because we were expecting it after reading a description of Flamas Doritos chips. What crazy mind games this sassy taco plays.

Out of the entire DLT collection, the Fiery DLT shell is so far the best complement to the overall Taco Bell crunchy taco experience, bringing some welcome extra seasoning to the beefy innards. And thanks to that signature DLT aftertaste, you’ll be able to savor the burn for a brief spell after your final bite.

We give the Fiery DLT two thumbs up. While it might not find its way into our usual Taco Bell orders, it’ll make for a solid sub in the rotation every now and then -- unlike the Cool Ranch DLT, which we both ultimately made into a one and done.

Pro tip: When we tried to order the Fiery DLT, one Taco Bell employee had to help another find it on the register, telling her it was listed in the taco section under “feary.” State your order accordingly.

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  1. Agree. Had two of these over the weekend, and it is the best of the three Locos Tacos. The lime is nice and the heat is there. I didn't put hot sauce on it so I could get the full flavor, and I didn't really miss it.