Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coffee Ale, from Boulevard and The Roasterie

The new best part of waking up.

Coffee Ale combines two of my favorite things. First, coffee, which keeps me alert and provides me with the necessary will to live. Second, beer, which makes everything better, until it suddenly makes everything sad.

A collaboration between Boulevard Brewing Company and The Roasterie, the release of Coffee Ale seems to be relatively hype free. I was in and out of Cellar Rat with a few bottles this morning, no problem. As opposed to the Great Chocolate Ale Hunt of last year, which involved showing up at Lukas Liquor at 7 a.m., and even then not being the first person in line.

Shaw and I split a bottle of Coffee Ale over lunch. Rather than the straight-up black coffee flavor I was expecting, Coffee Ale tastes more like a fancy mocha. It’s made with Ethiopian Sidamo, which I’m led to believe are pretty good beans. Certainly better than the office coffee I’m used to drinking, which I’ve become weirdly, sadly used to.

With a mouthfeel that’s halfway between creamy and silky, I had to consciously remind myself not to drink my entire glass all at once. Aroma-wise, Coffee Ale reminded me quite a bit of Chocolate Ale -- malty and just a little sweet. Shaw pointed out that the coffee flavor is much better integrated than the chocolate was in the previous brew.

I like that Boulevard and The Roasterie decided to make an ale instead of a heavy stout. Much like I drink coffee from dawn ‘til dusk, I could probably drink this all day. However, at 9.3% ABV, that would have decidedly the opposite effect.

That said, we’ll absolutely take coffee-flavored beer over beer-flavored coffee. And Roasterie -- by no means do you need to take that as a challenge.

Cellar Rat was selling Coffee Ale for $8.99 a bottle.

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