Thursday, March 15, 2012

Majestic Restaurant

Monocles optional.

For our most recent Guys’ Night, we decided to check out the Majestic Restaurant for some fancy drinks and cheap happy hour eats. Robert had been there for happy hour before, and swore on the deliciousness of the housemade corn dogs. Seeing as how we’re already big fans of your everyday non-gourmet corn dogs, he pretty much had Dorsett and I sold immediately.

Since happy hour only lasts from 2 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, we had to move fast to get to the Majestic after work. I actually got held up at the office, and arrived just in time to get our order in under the wire at approximately 5:59. Thank you, bartender.

And speaking of the bartender, the guy can make a mean Manhattan. I especially appreciate that the Majestic stocks Old Overholt straight rye whiskey, a favorite in all of our homes. A Manhattan here is pretty reasonable at $7.75, given that I’ve had similarly fancy cocktails at other places for almost twice as much.

Here’s the rundown on everything we tried on the happy hour menu, each item but a mere $5.

Filet Mignon Sliders Duo with Majestic Fries: These remind me of the steak sandwiches Plaza III sells at the Plaza Art Fair -- you get about the same amount of steak, just on two buns plus fries for less cash. Tender and juicy with a touch of horseradish mayo, these were tonight’s clear winner. Dorsett and I were fans of the thick-cut fries, Robert not so much.

Ground Lamb Sliders Duo with Majestic Fries: Robert claimed these had a minty flavor, but I didn’t pick up anything like that. Either he has a more refined palate than I do, or those Brannigans Roast Lamb & Mint chips have a long-lingering aftertaste. These sliders were all right -- not bad, but not great.

Mini Corn Dogs with Mustard Sauce: Hardly small, these are the turkey legs of mini corn dogs. They’re made with locally made sausage coated with tasty creamed corn batter, and they’re delicious. In hindsight, however, one order would have been enough. The second round was super-filling and lost some of that initial magic.

Fried Risotto with Spicy Tomato Sauce: These cheesy fried nuggets were good, but not as much of a standout as some of the other items. Or maybe I just have an overwhelming preference for Tanner’s jalapeno cheese balls.

½ Lb Majestic Steak Burger with Majestic Fries: Tasty enough and a bargain for $5, but I’d recommend going with the Filet Mignon Sliders.

The Majestic’s happy hour menu is a diverse, high-end take on your typical bar food. And again, since it’s all just $5, it’s absolutely worth hustling over for after work. Plus, if you hang around past 6 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays or if you’re there at 5 p.m. on a Friday, you can hear some live piano jazz.

Corn dogs and jazz. Does it get classier than that?
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