Friday, December 23, 2011

Jammie Dodgers (U.K. Snacks, Part 1)

A nerd’s got to eat.

I had a list of souvenirs I needed to bring back from the U.K. -- Englandy toys for the kids, some kind of William & Kate bric-a-brac for Kelly, and so forth. But more important than all of that, I needed to get my hands on some Jammie Dodgers.

Jammie Dodgers are the Eleventh Doctor’s favorite snack, and I wanted to bring back enough to have a stash on hand -- at least enough to last me until this year's Doctor Who Christmas special. And when I found them on the shelf at Tesco, I discovered there’s such a thing as Toffee Dodgers too, so double score.

Both varieties of Dodgers are so good. They’ve got stretchy raspberry jam or toffee filling that is, in the words of the packaging, “splodged at the heart of two yummy shortcake biscuits.” I’m going to try and work “splodged” into more conversations.

Dodgers are a delicious mess. When you bite into one, the shortbread gets all crumbly but the filling holds everything together so it’s kind of chewy at the same time. The Toffee Dodgers biscuits also have a toffee taste to them, plus crispy rice pieces baked in.

Another line on the packaging says that Dodgers are “Full of mischief but no artificial additives.” While nothing particularly mischievous has happened while I’ve been eating my Jammie Dodgers as of yet, I’m totally fine with that if this is the kind of mischief they’re talking about.

Those monkeys with their teeth and lanky arms give me the creeps. And they sound like British Skeksis.

Turns out my efforts to hoard the last of my Jammie Dodgers has been all for naught, as during my Christmas shopping I learned that World Market carries them now. Alas, they don’t have Toffee Dodgers. No, those I must savor every last bite of.

FYI, if you declare “snacks” at customs, they will absolutely ask you to be more specific. The Branningans Roast Lamb & Mint potato crisps I brought back actually caused the customs agent much more concern than the Dodgers, though. (More on the crisps in a future post.)

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