Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KFC Double Down

We’re taking a stand. All-star awareness-raising anthem to follow shortly.

Next Monday, KFC is adding the Double Down sandwich to its menu. The Double Down consists of two fried chicken breast filets, between which are a couple of strips of bacon, slices of Monterey Jack and pepper jack cheese, and a dollop of Colonel’s Sauce.

Keeping in mind that we are champions of the Whatafarm, some friends of Lunch Blog have suggested we check the Double Down out.

And usually, we totally would. But not this time. This chicken sandwich strikes us as fishy, and we don't see ourselves shelling out $5 to confirm our suspicions.

Colonel, just what are you attempting to pull off here? Quite frankly, the Double Down looks like you’re trying way too hard to jump on the “This Is Why You’re Fat” food porn bandwagon.

Tell you what, Colonel -- speaking as your customers, we'll be the judge of whether or not there's enough room for a bun, thank you very much.

Besides, without a bun or some sort of bread-related outer encasing, you shouldn’t be calling the Double Down a sandwich at all. Rather, it is a meat pile. Under normal circumstances, we’d be cool with that -- but Colonel, let’s keep it on the level.

Furthermore, even if we were willing to concede that the twin fried chicken breasts could function as a bread proxy, then that makes the Double Down nothing but a glorified, sauced-up bacon and cheese sandwich. Sure, we like a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich as much as the next guy, but it’s hardly groundbreaking.

The least you could do is make the fried chicken breasts bun-shaped.

And you’re also offering a version where the chicken is grilled? It's not even fried? What's the point? Come on. Own it. You can’t have it both ways.


Colonel, Colonel, Colonel.

This is behavior unbecoming of a man of your stature.
Thanks to for the picture. And here's an early report of the Double Down from The Consumerist.


  1. April Fools Day was last week. Let us know how it tastes!

  2. Keep the Colonel's sauce away from me.

  3. The new KFC Double Down sandwich looks and sounds delicious! I think I'll go grab one or two for lunch today!

  4. You lost me at "...a dollop of colonel's sauce..."