Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Twisted Doughnut

Finally, a doughnut shop for the crazy, mixed-up world of today.

Who’s got two thumbs and is bonkers for doughnuts? My daughter, that’s who. So for a fun Saturday morning treat, I took her to Twisted Doughnut, Kansas City’s newest doughnuteria.

Twisted Doughnut is from the brains behind Smallcakes, and shares space with that cupcakery’s original location. They’ve got some unusual varieties of doughnuts and long johns, a few of which involve bacon. Then they’ve also got your everyday glazed and cake doughnuts -- you know, for all the squares and lame-o dweebyheads.

Here’s a rundown of what we tried:

The BANG BANG Bacon Surprise!
Created in partnership with BBQ Addicts (of Bacon Explosion fame), this is a raised doughnut with maple frosting plus bacon and sausage on top.

It’s sweet, salty, smoky and strangely delicious. Yet, as with most things in life, it could further benefit from the addition of even more bacon and sausage.

Twisted Doughnut should go full-on Luther Burger with this, and split the doughnut in half, flip it inside-out and sandwich a sausage patty and some bacon in the middle. You’re already eating a doughnut/pork hybrid. Let’s take this to the logical extreme.

Jelly Bear
My daughter knows what’s what. If you’re age five and given the choice of any doughnut you want, you absolutely get the one with candy on it.

The Jelly Bear is a raised doughnut topped with vanilla frosting and gummy bears. Ever the excellent sharer, she let me have a bite, although I was instructed to make sure it didn’t include a gummy bear. While the vanilla frosting was tasty, I don’t think I got the full Jelly Bear experience.

It’s entirely possible that the gummy bears are the healthiest part of this doughnut. Relatively speaking, of course.

Chocolate Cake Glazed
I am a fiend for chocolate, and of the belief that if something is going to be chocolaty, it should be super chocolaty. Not only does this doughnut pass the test, but it’s smothered in an almost irresponsible amount of glaze. It could near well be a dessert, and that makes it twice as good for breakfast.

Be prepared, there’s not a lot of room to eat at Twisted Doughnut, with a table on the Smallcakes half and a couple more outside. It made me a little nostalgic for the spacious doughnut parlors of yesteryear.

And even though we enjoyed our doughnuts, I’m having a hard time getting past Twisted Doughnut’s seeming need to be quote-unquote outrageous.

Per the website, when you think of the definition of doughnut, “the doughnut that you are thinking of probably tastes the same as it did in 1965…BORING!”

Look, plain glazed doughnuts have stood the test of time because plain glazed doughnuts are awesome.

Show some respect, Twisted Doughnut. Your doughnuts are tasty, but you needn’t disparage a classic to prove it.

The BANG BANG Bacon Surprise! and Jelly Bear doughnuts are $2.75 each. Chocolate cake glazed is $1.60.
14383 Metcalf Avenue | Overland Park, KS 66223


  1. With a name like Twisted Doughnuts, you would think they might throw a couple of twists out there.

  2. To be fair, they do have one or two twists, but yes, the majority of their wares appear to be circular.